Diane Sagen, Marriage Family Therapist

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I listen to many people whose insecurity and fear are triggered in the current uncertain economic climate. A time like this can make many feel disoriented and powerless, making it a challenge to locate and engage the strengths that we already possess.

In my practice I can be a calm support, and someone who can help you work through and resolve your issues. Whatever you are confronting right now, sitting in my peaceful office with me can give you the space to look at your life in a new way.

 I provide a compassionate, caring and safe listening environment. We work together so that healing and growth can take place at your own rate, and from your own starting place, the place in which you feel safe and comfortable.  The strength of therapy lies in the process of developing a safe relationship with the therapist, enabling you to explore your inner life in the presence of a caring human being.

Treatment can range from brief practical therapy to longer-term depth work. Whether the therapy is short- or long-term, I take a psyche-centered approach, respecting and supporting your own inner wisdom to know what is right for your growth and healing.

My clients who wish to explore their inner life on a deeper level are encouraged to make use of dream work and sand tray.

In a comfortable and supportive atmosphere, I strive to help my clients pass through their crisis as quickly as possible to move on to achieve the growth of which they are capable of attaining.



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